Ensign Expendable

I'm going to need a team of Templars ready to mobilise, street level maps of all of Denerim, a pot of coffee, twelve Jammie Dodgers and a fez

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Yes, I ask for your email address if you wish to comment but I certainly won't pass any email address on to an outside party. Not now, not ever. I may use the email address to contact you privately under unusual circumstances, perhaps if you've asked for a private reply to your post.

I'm quite happy for comments that disagree with my opinions in posts but note that I am likely to delete any comments that are abusive or insulting. Especially to other people (I'm much more tolerant to people aiming abuse at me than other people who shouldn't have to come here to defend themselves). If in doubt refer to Wheaton's Law. Comments irrelevant to the discussion will be deleted also.

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I used the text from www.critical-hits.com as a template for this message so any similarity to theirs is purely because I copied it. Their text made sense to me.